Our Welsh Cream Liqueurs

We have a range of delicious flavours for you to choose from and soon you will be able to purchase them through our website. Until then, discover what flavours tempt you 

Cusan | Whisky Liqueur

Super creamy and boozy, but well balanced. Very smooth taste with a lovely hint of vanilla. Perfect served over ice or in coffee.

Cusan Aur | Coconut Liqueur

Coconut Flavour liqueur created with silky and smooth texture. Our customers often say: "It tastes like holiday!" or "Paradise in a bottle". A delicious treat when added to hot chocolate!

Cusan o'r Galon | Coffee Liqueur

"Kiss from the heart" - an exciting drink for coffee lovers. Distinct flavour of Jamaican coffee beans with dark rum and a light hint of chocolate creation, swirled around in fresh cream.

Cusan Brandi | Brandy Liqueur

Brandies are an ideal accompaniment to desserts. Its strength of spirit allow it to pair well with rich desserts. A combination of brandy with freshest cream and scents of vanilla creates a delicious treat on its own over ice. Try it over a hot Christmas pudding, chocolate fudge cake or sticky toffee pudding!

Cusan Machlud | Blood Orange Vodka

Orange is a versatile citrusy flavour fruit in combination with cream and a kick of vodka makes you say "Wow"!. Tasty poured over vanilla ice-cream.