About us


Its our second year in the Food& Drink industry and we have a wide product range of eleven flavours liqueurs.
We participate in Food and Drink events all over the UK, promoting and selling our products. We offer tastings on our stand at the festivals and we always get an instant excellent feedback from customers. 
We use finest ingredients in our liqueurs to create this luxuriously smooth drink and transform desserts into unforgettable enjoyable experience. 
Impress your friends by serving a trio of your favourite flavours from our range in a highball glasses filled with ice! 
A hint of vanilla in our whisky (1) based Cusan just gives that sophisticated taste to satisfy your taste buds. You can add it in your latte and cappuccino!
Other flavour based on coconut white rum (2) is lovely in a hot chocolate.
Also we have got liqueurs based on Caribbean coffee rum (3), blood orange vodka (4), strawberry liqueur( 5) which is delicious poured over ice-cream, brandy (6) which is incredible in bread and butter pudding, luscious salted caramel (7) is always a winner amongst all, amaretto (8)- a pure taste of Italy, hazelnut (9)- perfect addition to an ice-cream or coffee.
Mint and chocolate (10) a combination of the chocolate and a refreshing mint aftertaste.
During Christmas time we spoil our customers with an orange-flavoured liqueur (11) for a base in our creamy indulgence.
The cream is naturally preserved by  the alcohol and the combination produces a wonderfully rich and luscious liqueurs. Best consumed over ice, chilled, in coffee, over puddings. Delicious treat!